Lions & Vultures write-up

“The first time I posted about Claire Cronin’s music (almost a year ago, crazy) I thought about snowfall, and about how her music matched that feeling. Now here I am, about to spend my first winter away from Wisconsin (not a single flake out here so far), repeatedly playing her two newest tracks.

     The FOOTBALL Ep is still the hauntingly beautiful, incredibly thoughtful songwriting that I loved from her previous release. But these two, especially For What It Is Worth, have a nice anecdotal feel to them. These moments are dark, but she presents them so delicately, that I think we all feel a little better after listening.”

a POETIC blog review

“We dream of diaries that tell us tomorrows: I did it, and it worked out. The calendar will tell us what we are, we say – twins or virgins, bulls or fishes, appointed by stars. We judge ourselves by our friends, by the company we keep. But it’s our actions that dictate our lives, or perhaps it’s our thoughts, or perhaps it’s our memories & culture, or perhaps our genes. Or perhaps our futures comes from the twisting up of expectation and regret, like the way we twist up a cone of paper or foil, before we fill it with flowers, or with chestnuts, or with french-fried potatoes, like that time in Wales, before we got on the bus. [buy Claire Cronin’s exemplary Proof of Names EP]”





“Singer-songwriter and visual performance artist Claire Cronin from L.A. has released her début EP Proof of Names through Bandcamp -can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something special about the quartet of tunes that make them stand out from the crowd.


According to her website(s) she’s was a monastic in a strict order of ascetic nuns so somewhat of a career move, although she’s being writing songs for sometime this is her recording début, you can find out more at Claire’s music website here or the visual/performance art site here.”




“It feels odd to me that most of the comparisons that immediately jump to mind when listening to Claire Cronin‘s excellent Proof of Names EP are equally talented male singer/songwriters. Vocally, Neil Young jumped to mind first. A friend suggested Chad VanGaalen, and I’d have to agree with that as well. Cronin’s quivering but powerful croon and her lyrical gifts — think folksy narrative with a wonderfully expressive touch of heartbreak — are what make this four-song EP a winner. Cronin is based in Los Angeles, and is an awfully creative soul — she does visual and other performing art in addition to strapping on the guitar and singing wonderful songs.”