Came Down a Storm  / 2016 

Lyrics by Claire Cronin.



Came hours to you last winter
what hours could you measure?
Lake held above its water
what body could it offer?

One season keeps repeating
scars asking why they’re bleeding
graves decorate our garden
green, every bough and garland

Notes from the funeral dirges
prayers memorized in churches
restrung in combinations
hung high for celebrations

Death quitted us completely
left all his old machinery
tie ribbons ’round your letters
let’s bury them together


In the field with the god
I left both of my arms
and you dreamt I was harmed
I was lost without your charms
very far from Ohio

In the field where I died
four white horses stood by
murdered men kept the march
we were lanterns for your porch
lights to keep your house breathing

May we float where we fall
not like bodies at all
I was bigger than sound
I could follow you around
kiss your face when you’re sleeping


In the night, dear
I saw a shadow inside my chest
turned me like a wheel, colorless

In the storm room
I held your body in front of mine
candle in the dark, valentine

Shadow gone, shadow gone, shadow gone
I saw a shadow inside my chest
turned me like a wheel, colorless

In the night, dear
nets are untying below our feet
If I’m going down, fall with me

White as snow, white as snow, white as snow
swept through the fireplace into sky
ashes in the park, fireflies


Meet me in a field
with your coat on fire
stalks of hemlock yield
taken by desire

Find me in the snow
white, I hide the trees
white, the ash and bone
show you all my teeth

Turn me in your arms
while the music plays
sway me into dark
too much moonlight in this place

The great avoided
their fate appointed
the storms were managed
with hidden damage

And poor as windows
we wore our bedclothes
the undertakers
the body-breakers

They came on horses
to fill our porches
with hiss and chatter
of endless matter

Unholy chorus
their orders for us:
to stop the setting
and start forgetting


Tie me to the mast, the trap, the tragedy
longer ropes than we have known at shore

If I see you, I might
And all to fall again, dark water

In the way down
In the way down
In the way down


I dreamt the sea wouldn’t take you
wouldn’t break you in its waves
But I was wrong — you are salt-strung
still a line inside this place

On the green banks of our new love
you were ruthless, unafraid
I was soundless, left you down with
all the bright ships of your pain